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Environmental, Health and Safety Audit

EH&S audit is a tool that people can utilize to evaluate different features in their neighbourhoods to achieve process safety management. The basic idea of conducting EH&S audit is to help the management to look at a space that feels unsafe and determine why it feels that way to look at where the site is, what is beside it, how it is designed and what happens inside the system.

Pragnaa Shree Venture India Private Limited will carry out an independent third party Rapid EH&S audits, covering all plants and facilities in the manufacturing factory premises, with a team of dedicated EH&S consulting professionals whose practice is the structure and implementation of workplace EH&S Audit and Regulatory compliance. Every member of our staff not only holds highly technical degrees but they have practical “in-field safety” experience. The audit observations and recommendations will be based on the site inspection & discussion with the plant personnel concerned and verification of documents.

The audit will be conducted as per guidelines are given in the checklist of Bureau of Indian Standard – IS 14489-1998 “Code of Practice on Occupational Safety and Health Audit” and also will be covered all EH&S related regulations that applicable to the facility. The following Audit protocols and guidelines will be used as a reference during the audit,

  • Facility work permits
  • Consent Orders & Hazardous Waste authorization.
  • FM Global Fire Safety Checklist.
  • The Factories Act, 1948
  • Indian Electricity Rules-1956.
  • Air Act & Water Act
  • Hazardous Waste Management Rules-2016 & Bio-Medical Waste Rules- 2016
  • International Labour Organization
  • OSHA Guidelines.